9x Series - Pro Grey
The best choice for most practical conditions where speakers are not placed behind the screen.

To enhance perceived Contrast Ratio when the Projector black levels are not the best they can be. Settings with moderate ambient light from sources like Bar Counter, Bright Wall Decor.


Gain: 0.8
Composition: Grey PVC Film+Black PVC Film
Viewing Angle: 100 degrees
Thickness: 0.32 mm

Sizes Available:

16:9: 80" - 230"
2.35:1: 80" - 288"

    Multi-Layer Materials to diffuse light correctly and avoid any disturbing hotspots.
  • 4K Resolution
    Super fine surface grit required for resolutions from 1080p to 4k and beyond.
  • Colour and Contrast
    Half the drama is colour and light. First-rate color reproduction characteristics across the spectrum.