Privacy at ARETE Screens
At ARETE Screens, we're committed to protecting your Privacy at every step of our journey. These are core tenets to Privacy Protection.

  • We collect only required data.
  • We never sell Individuals data
  • We share Data with our Partners/Vendors/Staff only under GDPR compliant agreements
  • We participate in Industry Collaboration on Data Security Standards.
  • We perform a regular audit of our Technology and Work Place Infrastructure to ensure compliance
To exercise your rights under General Data Regulation Policy (GDPR), please fill out this form
Instructions to clear tracking on your browser
Step 1: Delete cookies set by on your browser.
In most cases, this should be all that's necessary but if you want to delete your Email address and other details from our systems or you have some other concern, you can proceed to Step 2

Step 2: Fill out the form to contact our Data Protection Officer

We're always happy to cooperate with you for your Data Privacy concerns
Privacy Policy